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Ophelia: Contemporary Eclectic
Concert Pianist, Composer and Vocalist

"Piercingly Beautiful & Emotionally Profound Music For The Soul"

Ohklectic Records is proud to announce Award winning Pianist, Composer and Vocalist: Ophelia! She has merged styles together creating her own unique- Contemporary Eclectic Sounds ranging from Jazz, New Age, Classical, Native Fusion, African, Latin and Jigs. Hers is an intricate new sound that attracts a diverse audience and will inspire you to follow your own dreams. Music critics describe her as energetic, soothing and technically sound but most often PASSIONATE!

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Web Site Address: http:// www.opheliahandberry.com

Performance Info:

Artist: OPHELIA Handberry
Concert Pianist, Composer, Vocalist: Acoustic Piano or Keyboard with Some Vocals

Instrumentation: Solo, Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet.

Musical Genre/Style: Contemporary Eclectic Sounds
Jazz, Light Jazz, Latin Jazz, New Age, World.

Set List:
Our set list can varies depending on each booking. Our general performing times.
-One or Two, 45-minute sets
-One or Two, 60-minute sets

Basic Requirements:
A professional concert grand piano and/or professional digital piano/keyboard.
(please note, in some cases, Ophelia tours with her digital pianos)

Stage plots(Click Here for the Stage Plot in .pdf format.)

Press Release

Reviews, Article's and Clippings

Publicity Photos...


Video (one sample file as we are updating)

Ophelia Handberry Jack London

Ophelia's FULL Biography

Short Paragraph:
"Ophelia's sound is full, rich and sparkling... Her fiercely dramatic keyboard artistry literally grabs your attention and seldom lets you go. The high octane passionate jazz fusion music she has composed, literally explodes at times with energy and fire… while her smooth, dreamy vocals are mesmerizing. In the hands of Ophelia and company, your cares should be chased away and replaced by smiles and laughter. You will be inspired to follow your own dreams! It doesn't get much better than this!"

Short Bio: (Full Bio)

Eclectic Award Winning Concert Pianist, Composer and Vocalist, Ophelia, is known for her "outstanding keyboard artistry, interwoven melodies, rich bass lines, unique percussive touches and dreamy vocals"... Ophelia's innovation marks her as a Rare, passionate artist, well before her time. 

"This Graceful dancing pianist plays her heart out, while her performances take you into another world." Her music carries a stirring, modern, earthy undertone with a uniqueness that appeals to diverse audiences. Ophelia's Duo, Trio, Quartet or Quintet of contemporary musicians have played from Hartford to Hong Kong, in a variety of venues and setting and with audiences of all sizes. Ophelia and her band are a professional, talented group that are: READY TO PERFORM!

Listening to her distinct sound you embrace styles ranging from Jazz, New Age, Classical, Native fusion, African, Latin, and Jigs. Her very identifiable, "Contemporary Eclectic Sounds" or what her Fans call, "Ophelia Music", have been featured on National Public Radio- National PBS programs, and numerous national and syndicated radio stations. All of her recordings are individual projects, based on very specific themes that define her eclectic style. So far Ophelia has produced five titles to her name: April Storm, AEAAF, Native Ground.. Stand My Ground, Echoes... Under The Sun and the Rhythmic Jubilee CD. All authenticate Ophelia's eclectic ability. They have become timeless pieces and her music has garnered her successful career which continues to grow by word of mouth.

Ophelia is respected for her integrity, authenticity and remaining true to herself. Her beauty, flare and radiance are contagious and her Headliner shows leave you wanting more which is evident by her audience's consistently giving standing ovationsin response to her keyboard artistry. Ophelia has successfully managed tours across the country as well as internationally. Incredibly, she averaged four to six shows a weekend as a solo artist! She was also the featured performer for three years with African American Women on Tour, with renowned artists such as Terry McFadden, Debbie Allen and Lorraine Toussaint. She also gives Benefit Concerts for organizations to assist the homeless, abused children and others in need.

Picture April Storm Ophelia Handberry: Native Ground CD Ophelia Handberry: Echoes Under the Sun cd Ophelia Handberry: Rhythmic Jubilee Ophelia Handberry: Always Eat African-American Food Poetry and Music

Please scroll down to sample the music... for detailed CD info, click here.
    Rhythmic Jubilee CD Project/Demo CD
    Sample~Music FOR DUO, TRIO, QUARTET and QUINTET-and Some Vocals
    World- Latin Jazz - Light Jazz- New Age Undertones-

RECENT PERFORMANCE Highlights and Pictures...
For Publicity Pictures CLICK HERE
    Highlights from 2018

    Jack London-Portland, OR.:
    Ophelia Neo Soul Ophelia Handberry Jack LondonThe Ophelia Handberry Quartet/Quintet... Ophelia Handberry-Piano and Vocals, Gean Ermel-Drums, Jeff Andrews- Bass, Art Alexander-Percussion, Dan Brewster- Horns.

    Performance: Sponsored by Steinway and Sons @ Michelle's- Portland, OR. Ophelia Handberry Steinway and Sons Piano

    The Ophelia Handberry Trio
    Ophelia Handberry-Piano
    Gean Ermel-Drums
    Mike B- Bass
    Ophelia Handberry Trio Steinway and Sons Sponsored Event

    Rehearsing for Duo Master Class on the Steinway
    Ophelia Handberry-Piano and Vocals
    Gean Ermel- Drums
    Ophelia Handberry Duo

    In the Studio
    Ophelia Handberry Falcon Studios
    Marquay Seamster- Bass, Ophelia- PianoOphelia Handberry Falcon
    Ophelia Handberry Falcon Ophelia Handberry Falcon

    Recording Engineer Dennis Carter and Ophelia Handberry Ophelia Handberry Falon

    Performance: Portland Rose Festival Ophelia Handberry Portland Rose Festival
    The Ophelia Handberry Quintet
    Ophelia Handberry-Piano and Vocals
    Gean Ermel-Drums
    Carlwin Windom-Upright Bass and Sax
    Mitchell Handberry-Electronic Percussion
    Jay H-Bass
    Ophelia Handberry Portland Rose Festival

    Performance: Esther Short Park- Vancouver, WA.
    Ophelia Handberry-Piano and Vocals
    Gean Ermel-Drums
    Carlwin Windom- Bass
    Ophelia Handberry Esther Short Park

    Record Label
    Ohklectic Records P.O. Box 734 Bethel, CT. 06801

    Ophelia Handberry and Ohklectic Records are Members of
    American Society of Composers, Authors & Publishers

    Distributed By
    Ohklectic Records

    ASCAP Special Popular Award Recipient Every Year since 1999.

    Rhythmic Jubilee CD OHK 695 (CD)
    Composed & Produced by Ophelia
    Release Date: November 2003

    Echoes...Under The Sun CD OHK 694 (CD)
    Composed, Produced & Performed by Ophelia
    Release Date: July 2000

    Native Ground... Stand My Ground CD OHK 686 (CD)
    Composed & Produced by Ophelia
    Release Date: March 15, 1998 (Regional) May 1. 1998 (National)

    April Storm CD: OHK 681 (CD) Territory: National
    Composed & Produced by Ophelia
    Release Date: August 1, 1996

    Always Eat African-American Food - Audio Cassette with music and booklet
    (Available only thru Ohklectic Records): Produced by Ophelia
    Release Date: Feb 1997 (National)
    Cassette OHK 689 w/ booklet
    Cassette 0HK682
    Booklet OHK690
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