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Wind and Wire
"High octane passionate jazz fusion music,
literally exploding at times with energy and fire...
Her fiercely dramatic keyboard artistry literally
grabs your attention and seldom lets you go.
In the hands of Ophelia and company, your cares
should be chased away and replaced by smiles and laughter...."
-Bill Binkelman,
Wind and Wire

Mostly Piano Publications
For joyous tropically-influenced music,
it doesn't get much better than this!
With "Rhythmic Jubilee", Ophelia reveals
another side of her very eclectic musical self,
and it's a joy to behold! ..
-Kathy Parsons
Mostly Piano Publications

spacer Indie Music Review
Les Reynolds from indie music captures the essence of Echoes...Under The Sun project in his review.

In a word: Gorgeous! That describes Ophelia Handberry's 13-song release on Ohklectic Records. It could be called music to relax by, listen to by candlelight or be inspired by, because it is all of that and more.

Ophelia is an accomplished, talented musician and producer who plays inspired piano in dramatic fashion. Her sound is full, rich and sparkling.

The keyboard virtuoso can caress the instrument lightly or punch with vigor and energy -- whatever is necessary to make the mood. The opening two tunes, " Again," and "New Beginnings," are highlights of the CD and are so stirring you want them to go on past the four-minute standard.

A bit later into the list, her textured sounds give way to a bit of Enyaesque spirit, or possibly even Yanni.....

Another cool tune is "Exotic Spice," a neat combo of flute and piano which shows off the light, elegant and very quick touch Ophelia is capable of.

The next tune, "Jump!" has a Calypso flavor and the finale, "Ice 2000," rises and falls, building to a pulsing beat driven by electric keyboards and light percussion.

Ophelia´s press kit contains these words, and they are so appropriate: "Escape your everyday routine with Ophelia´s eclectic mix of captivating, upbeat melodies and smooth, passionate compositions that will inspire you to echo your own dreams."

Nuf sed.

Ophelia has been Recipient of The ASCAP Special Popular Music Awards every year since 1999! The purpose of these special awards, which have been given each year since 1960, is to reward writers whose works have a unique prestige value for which adequate compensation would not otherwise be received, and to compensate those writers whose works are performed substantially in media not surveyed by ASCAP.

~More Professional Reviews~
"This expressive pianist can go from the hot and jazzy to the tranquil, contemplative tracks.
Ophelia marries the sounds of Jazz, Classical, New-Age and Contemporary music.
Ophelia is a wiz at the piano"
-The Chicago Star

"Ophelia is truly a gifted person. Not only is she technically sound in her playing,
but the feeling she conveys through her music is deep, passionate, and inspiring."
-C. Russell, WVPE- Elkhart, IN.

"What a marvelous musician and composer. The jazz and classical influences
combined with earthy undertones are stirring..."
-L. Simon, Music Choice DCR. West Orange, NJ.

"I enjoy the music and the rhythm makes the music unique."
-S. Brodie, CHRW, Ontario, Canada

"Thanks again, for helping to heal the planet and ourselves."
-L. Goodman host/producer Women in Music, WUBM, Boston, MA.

"The Ujamma Expo is honored to announce acclaimed pianist, Ophelia. This
rising star has garnered praise from music circles across the country for a 'unique style.'"
-The Black Reign News, Staten Island, NY.

"It is always a treat to get intelligent, interesting music-native fusion."
-L. McNutt, KUAC, Fairbanks, AK.

"Ms. Handberry released some abundant energy that powers her creativity.. Her
body kept time with the lively melody while her piston-like fingers raced
across the keyboard. "
-The Bethel Home News

"April Storm has a wonderful effect!"
-KTOO-FM & TV, Juneau, AK.

"What an exhilarating evening of contemporary eclectic music composed by Ophelia,
that heartwarming-ly "touches your soul".... A new star of the music world has
risen and she performed with assurance that she has created a new sound."
-F. Sikorski, Herscam Press, CT.

Ophelia may very well be the biggest local music star you´ve never heard of.
Ophelia is a classically trained musician who can´t remember a time when she
didn´t play the piano. Lacking formal training in composition, she calls the
process "natural, it just comes out the way it comes out." She also applies her
nontraditional methods to the classics, preferring to "do different things with
the music besides playing it the way it was written."

While Ophelia describes her style as "contemporary eclectic," many of her fans
call it New Age. Ophelia herself seems to be the essence of that genre. The
upbeat musician has the most soothing speaking voice and says something
positive about everything.

Employing instrumental piano and synthesizer music, the sound she produces is
beautiful and emotional. Her influences range from classical to native fusion,
African, Latin and Jigs.

Among her mellower songs are "Velvet Clover" and "Sweet Baby Sonatina." They´re
perfect for practicing yoga or relaxation exercises.
The native-inspired "Mystic Flute" and the Caribbean flavored "Jump!" will jolt you
from reverie.
-Danbury News Times:
Laurel Touhey
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