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Native Ground...Stand My Ground CD
A Contemporary Eclectic Vision
Native CD!

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Native Ground is perhaps the most eclectic
of Ophelia's albums to date, and clearly
demonstrates the range and versatility of this
outstanding artist. The pieces range in styles from
classical to jazz, world to new age and beyond.
There is no pigeon-holing Ophelia's work
which is something I really
enjoy about her albums.
-Solo Piano Publications by Kathy Parsons


About the Music

Native Ground...Stand My Ground
OHK 686

Composer, Produced,
Performed & Recorded
by Ophelia
at her home studio
in CT.

Final Mixing and
Mastering by
Peter Moshay
of A-Pawling Studios
in Pawling, NY.



Song Descriptions and Inspirations

You can preview the MP3 files. Just click on the underlined song titles.
If you have any problems with the music files, please contact help.
1. Broken Promises (1.4MB) This is my 'Growing Up' piece. It's been described as: Crescendoing to a flame. This piece of raw emotion is Honest and Real and will Take you to your own private reality. Personally, I feel it's very pensive, moving and one of my most Passionate Pieces. Broken Promises was written on the desire to act on wisdom and live the BEST life possible knowing than when you must face disappointments and challenges you come across in life, you can walk away with something positive- even though it may not seem so at the time. There was something very healing to me when I began this composition and thankfully, listeners seem to feel renewed and at peace once they hear it.

2. Native Ground...Stand My Ground (1.1) The Rhythm and numerous interwinding melodies are musical artistry. This piece was written out of my desire to be open to the influences and people that I meet but to be sure to Be True To Myself. You can actually hear the phrase..."Stand My Ground" throughout the course of the entire piece. It's a Bold, Intense and Fun Piece!

3. Aye Yo Cha Gae Yo Very Lamenting. An Earthy Native American piece. In our travels across the country as a little girl, my parents would take us to museums and we would learn about a variety of cultures. I was so moved by the Native Americans songs that I would cry. This is a piece that I actually wrote when I was eight years old. Although the words have meaning to me, they are not from a particular language. They are just words that I made up as a little girl.

4. Thunder Cloud An improvised Native Jazz Fusion Piece. We have witnessed some incredible storms in our travels. I wrote this during a storm where a cloud was being driven by the wind and simply could not find it's place in the sky yet it looked as though it was moving to the beat of it's own drummer.

5. Crimson- Blue New Age/Latin-Jazz. Composed in the autumn while I was visiting the cool beaches in New England.

6. Snow on the Sand (1.2MB) One of the most open and passionate piano solos on the CD. I was full of emotion when I wrote this piece. It is another one take improvisation!

7. Sweet September A nostalgic solo piano & Prelude to Oct. Moon. It's lovely and touching.

8. October Moon (1.1MB) Inspired by watching the night sky in October. It's a Bodacious, Incredibly passionate, fiery piano solo with some strings!

9. Treasures As a little girl, my grandpa would love to sit down in the living room and listen to me play the piano. This song is in memory of "Grandpa."

10. Rendezvous The Feeling of being understood and united with the one you love.

11. Rose Petal Sweet, endearing like a Rose.

12. Sincerely Simple & pure piano solo. A cup of love.

13. Reflective Introspective piece. Many of us have a private place where we can go for solace. This piece was written after very contemplative moments in stillness.

14. The Jig A bold flowery jig with jazzy/new age undertones.

15. Broken Promises Too A mellow version of Broken Promises.

16. Sun Screams Composed on the beaches of Florida. This piece has island undertones and makes you want to dance. It's is just a fun and happy song!

17. Hey There! A great interlude piece-jazzy and lots of fun!


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About The Project

This project first began with the piece Broken Promises. The theme of healing in the project, became more and more eclectic and emotional as it was recorded.

My strongest inspirations usually come from nature. The year I wrote this project was filled with personal challenges. The Native Ground project reflects emotions and passion for life. I feel this is one of my most personal albums because of the degrees of emotions you hear are very honest and raw.

Unlike April Storm, most of the music was mentally created before I actually had opportunity to play it. Sun Screams is an example of a piece I literally wrote entirely in my head while touring in Florida and did not play it until much later when I returned home to Connecticut. Many of the pieces came to me at other very reflective moments as well.

After the April Storm tour, my new fans began to request more acoustic piano solos as there were only a few piano solos on the April Storm CD. The Native Ground CD gave me opportunity to record LIVE on an acoustic piano, my main instrument. Oh what a joy that was! I really had a great time learning and especially recording this CD.

Sometimes, life takes you through so many twists and turns. The Native Ground project is about being open to the influences and people that you come across, share positive and unique ideas, enjoy the twists of life and be sure to be true to yourself!

Thank you for choosing to share my music and for your encouragement and continued support.

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