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Echoes...Under the Sun CD
An Eclectic Vision
Echoes CD!

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Echoes... Under the Sun
In a word: Gorgeous! This describes Ophelia
Handberry's 13- song release on Ohklectic Records.
It could be called music to relax by, listen to by
candlelight or be inspired by, because it is all of
that and more!
Indie-Music.com by Les Reynolds


About the Music

Echoes...Under The Sun
OHK 694

Release Date:
July 2000
Composer, Produced,
by Ophelia.

Final Mixing and
Mastering by
Peter Moshay
of A-Pawling Studios
in Pawling, NY.


Song Descriptions and Inspirations

You can preview the MP3 files. Just click on the underlined song titles.
If you have any problems with the music files, please contact help.

1. Again A swirling piano solo, full of hope and curiosity.
2. New Beginnings This piece is about preparing yourself for a positive new start! It's a prelude to Lullaby.

3. Lullaby (741K) A New Age- Classical peaceful piano solo. This piece was a one-take improvisation. It's nurturing, full of love and tenderness.

4. Sweet Baby Sonatina A Precious Classical-New Age two part piano solo with a sweet, innocent melody.

5. Velvet Clover (663K) A lovely eclectic yet traditional piano solo.

6. Echoes Under the Sun This two part piano solo is the first piece I wrote for this project and as the foundation for the CD, it's theme is echoed throughout the entire CD. The power behind the universal language of music is a gift to mankind. Echoes is moving, driven and full of passion for life. (signature piece)

7. Native Flute The Language of music echoes from one land to another. This Native American Solo is a prelude to Mystic Flute

8. Mystic Flute A Modern Pop Eclectic continuation of Native Flute carries the theme of unity and endless boundaries.

9. Shooting Star If you have ever experienced a meteorite shower, the experience can make you really think of where our place is in the universe. This is a contemplative, mysterious and atmospheric piece.

10. Prelude Was written on a boat ride one summer. This eclectic piece has a very subtle mellow groove that calls for peace from within.

11. Exotic Spice A two part combo of soothing flutes and uplifting piano sounds with Asian undertones. The transition to a spicy modern Pop piece makes you want to dance.

12. Jump! (995K) A happy piece with African and island undertones. It's full of fun!.

13. Ice 2000 (1.4MB) This Signature Piece was written in anticipation of good things to come. It is modern and yet very eclectic and full of positive emotion many optimistic transitions. This piece ends the project leaving you happy and satisfied, and wishing you the very best on your journey.


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About The Project

This project was written in anticipation of the new millennium and it carries curious theme of unity and harmony. Since we were anticipating the New Millennium, there are some creative and New Sounds that you hear throughout the project yet some sounds remain unchanged as well. There are African, Latin, Native American and Asian undertones as well as Traditional, Classical, Modern and New Age piano.

Music is it's own powerful universal language that we can all relate to. One of my musical goals was simply to share my very eclectic music with a wide audience. Now, when I look into the audience during my performances and see such a diverse group of people attending the concerts and enjoying the music, I realize the power and appeal of the universal language of music. It's a wonderful experience.

For this project I revamped my studio and worked with many new instruments which inspired new music for me such as Ice 2000, Exotic Spice and the Flute pieces. I was also able to record a few solos on an acoustic grand piano.

Sometimes when we go through transitions in out lives, we do not take enough time to stop, reflect, and be patient. Sometimes we just need to be still and listen. This album relates to how we can thankfully reflect on the past while anticipating the future.

Thank you for choosing to share my music and your continued support.

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