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April Storm CD
Music For The Soul

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April Storm
13 Tracks of Ophelia's original
contemporary music, carries
the theme of "Music and Healing".
It's timeless pieces smoothly
lead into one another and will
sweetly and calmly mesmerize you!
It is Music for the Soul!
Featured on WB TV and NPR!

This debut CD, by a very talented pianist and composer,
is like a breath of fresh air in a worn and tired world. It is filled
with shimmering piano-based melodies that make you happy.."
Music Editor of Creations Magazine


About the Music

April Storm
OHK 681
Composer, Produced,
Performed & Recorded
by Ophelia
at her home studio
in CT.

Final Mixing and
Mastering by
Peter Moshay
of A-Pawling Studios
in Pawling, NY.
1997, 1999


Song Descriptions and Inspirations

You can preview the MP3 files. Just click on the underlined song titles.
If you have any problems with the music files, please contact help.

1. Morning Awakening. A perfect wake up song. My schedule on the road allows me to see the sunrise from different views all over the country. No matter where you are located there is something so refreshing about the sun rising. It makes you smile and just simply, happy.

2. April Storm (897 K) (My number one signature piece) This is the first piece I wrote for this CD. It was composed in the middle of a spring storm in semidarkness, by candlelight. It's Intense, Healing and known for restoring the soul.

3. Sierra is a very rich and dramatic piece. It was inspired by tours out west traveling though the red clay mountains under the warm sun and open skies.

4. Autumn Leaf is a pensive and haunting piece. It was Inspired by a wonderfully memorable summer and the beginning of autumn.

5. Althea (For Alley) a special family member whose expressions are rare and pure. Whether delicate, unpredictable jazzy and spunky, she's just lovable!

6. Of Heart is a suspenseful piece that emulates the sound of a steady heart beat. It's rather mysterious just like our hearts can be.

7. Rose Petal (780 K) I wrote this about those short, sweet, delicate precious moments in life.

8. Sunflowers A Soothing Jig with African undertones. It's rich and mellow tones are known for it's healing sensation.

9. Northern Star Following the Northern Star equates to freedom. This sparkling piece travels to freeness, with a tenacious sound of a free spirit.

10. Da-Peps This piece has happy island undertones and was written for friends and family to share overall happiness!

11. Sweet Tropic Night A luscious rhythmic island piece with a spacey eclectic twist.

12. Ice Rain (585 K) This piece was a one-take improvisation. I have no idea where it came from- it just popped out! This energetic rhythmic piece is timeless and another one of my Signature pieces!

13. Ocean (1K) Inspired by visits to the ocean where the water simply rushes over you and makes you feel nurtured. The finale of this CD calls for inner silence and leaves you at Peace.


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About The Project

One late spring evening I was playing the piano on a visit to my mother's when an incredible spring storm began. I can still clearly hear the wind blowing and very intense rain drops against the windows. I lit a candle and in semidarkness, I started to write this piece with the storm as my background accompaniment.

Most of the music on this CD is based on nature and improvised. Oddly enough I had to relearn my own music to perform it on stage with my band.

Being a debut CD, it's so hard to believe that this piece that started in my mom's living room has now been heard internationally.

The April Storm Project is something I am very proud of. April Storm has actually assisted people during challenging times in their life, whether it's a headache, a major operation, helping to still a child or just getting through rush hour traffic. The ability to be part of the process of music and healing is a privilege to me!

Thank you for choosing to share my music and for your encouragement & support!

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